OFS TruePhase® Bend-Insensitive Polarization-Maintaining (BI PMF) Optical Fiber addresses small bend radius applications that demand superior bending performance. At 1550 nm and at a very demanding 5 mm, the macro-bend induced loss of the fiber is less than 0.1 dB/turn.

The 1550 nm BI PMF Optical Fiber is part of the OFS line of TruePhase PMF products for advanced communication systems. It is designed for use in premium photonic devices operating at 1550 nm, e.g. Photonic Integrated Circuits or Lasers, where it is important to maintain the polarization of the light while guiding it around tight spaces. TruePhase 1550 nm BI PMF meets ITU G.657.A1.

The fiber is available with a standard communications grade, dual layer acrylatecoating. Other options include upbuffering to 400 µm, 900 µm and using differentbuffer materials for operation in harsh environments.

TruePhase Optical Fibers utilize industry-standard stress applying parts (SAPs)to create two axes in the core, each of which guides light at a different velocity;a Panda design. This standard design allows for the use of easy splice recipesoffered by the major fusion splicer manufacturers.

OFS, through its heritage, has over 30 years experience in the CommunicationsMarket innovating, developing, and manufacturing high performing optical fibers.This knowhow and proven technical platforms, enable OFS to develop nextgeneration BI PMF specifically designed for tighter bends, low loss, and smallerpackages for today’s cutting edge communication systems.

Our products meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

Unit of Measure

Optical Properties

Cutoff Wavelength

N/A ≤ 1500 nm

Mode Field Diameter

N/A @ 1550 nm, 9.9 ± 0.5 µm


N/A @ 1550 nm, < 0.8 dB/km

Beat Length

N/A < 5 mm


N/A @ 1550 nm, < -30.0 dB/100m dB

Crosstalk (Typical)

N/A @ 1550 nm, < -35.0 dB/100m dB

Crosstalk @ 1550 nm in bending

N/A < -30 dB/100m, 1 turn @ 5 mm radius, < -30 dB/100m, 10 turns @ 7.5 mm radius

Induced macrobending loss @ 1550 nm

N/A ≤ 0.1, 1 turn @ 5 mm radius, ≤ 0.1, 10 turns @ 7.5 mm radius dB

Dimensions/Geometric Properties

Cladding Diameter

N/A 125 ± 1 µm

Core/Clad Offset

N/A ≤ 0.5 µm

Clad Non-Circularity

N/A ≤ 2%

Coating Diameter

N/A 250 ± 10 mm

Mechanical and Testing Data

Operating Temperature

N/A -45 to 85 ºC

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