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When you need a compact cordage solution for data centers or other high-density, high-bandwidth applications, look to the OFS M-Pack® Interconnect Cordage. Designed for use with multifiber connectors, this cordage helps save on energy costs and valuable space while offering outstanding performance.

The M-Pack Cordage Plenum-Rated Cordage features 2 to 48 color-coded 250 μm optical fibers. The Low Smoke/Zero Halogen Cordage features 2 to 24 fibers. For 2- to 12-fiber cordages, the individual fibers are identified by easily-distinguishable TIA-598 compliant colors. In cordages with fiber counts of 16 to 48, the fibers are held loosely together by polyester threads for bundle identification. The fibers are surrounded by aramid yarn for reinforcement and then covered with a flame-retardant outer jacket to complete the construction.




Features and Benefits

  • Small diameter, lightweight cordage allows ease of deployment and termination
  • Ideal for us in high-density, high-bandwidth applications and optimized for use with multi-fiber connectors
  • RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly free of heavy metals and polybrominated fire retardants
  • Available in fiber counts from 2 to 48 (Plenum-Rated) and 2 to 12 (LSZH-Rated); also offered in an Indoor/Outdoor Simplex LSZH design. Ask for details
  • Plenum cordage meets requirements of NFPA 262 OFNP flame and smoke performance; LSZH cordage meets IEC 60332-3C standards
  • Available with OFS' industry-leading LaserWave® Multimode Fibers and other fibers

Cable Type

N/A Interconnect

Indoor or I/O

N/A Indoor

Flame Spread Rating


Fiber Coating

N/A Bare Fiber

Fiber Count

N/A 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48

Cable Brand

N/A M-Pack™