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Totally Gel-Free, Riser-Rated Cable Allows Faster, Less Costly Deployment for the Most Demanding Outdoor/Indoor Applications

Product Description

If you believe that only gel-filled optical cables can provide the durability needed for the toughest outdoor-to-indoor applications, then you haven't heard about OFS' totally gel-free, riser-rated OPTION1™ DT Armored Cable.

The OPTION1™ DT Armored Cable innovatively combines the safety features of an indoor, riser-rated cable with the strength and crush resistance critical for the most demanding outside plant (OSP) use, all in a single, gel-free cable that helps enable faster deployment and reduced installation costs.

Features and Benefits:
  • Totally gel-free cable saves on deployment time and expense
  • Helps reduce cable preparation time by up to 80% (In field trials, the gel-free OPTION1™ DT Armored Cable reduced the time required for cable end preparation for splicing and terminations by up to 80% as compared with OFS and competitor gel-filled loose tube cables.)
  • Streamlined installation with direct outdoor-to-indoor cable transitions
  • Cleaner work environment helps support faster splicing with higher yields
  • Eliminates multiple splice points for enhanced system performance
  • Environmentally-friendly cable helps minimize waste and the need for special cleaning solvents
  • Riser- and tray-rated; all-dielectric construction with OFNR approval; meets UL 1666 (riser-rated) for flame resistance
  • UV-resistant jacket for reliable service in direct sunlight
  • Fiber counts up to 288
  • Available with OFS AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-mode, TrueWave® RS LWP Single- Mode, and Multimode Fibers
Unit of Measure



N/A Outdoor/Indoor

Mechanical Rating

N/A GR20


N/A Loose Tube

Aerial or Underground

N/A Underground (Duct)

Dielectric or Metallic

N/A Metallic

Waterblocking Component

N/A Gel Free

How To Order:

Order From Location

N/A 1 Brightwave Blvd.Carrollton, GA 30117, USA 1-770-798-5555 from outside the USA 1-888-fiberhelp (1-888-342-3743) from inside the USA CARROLLTON LOCATION