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The tool is composed of an upper and lower body section. Each section contains a semi-circular groove that runs along the length of the tool. Centered in this groove is an angled slot that positions an injector style razor blade at a preset depth to slit the wall of a core tube that matches the groove diameter. The tool is pulled along the core tube in the direction indicated on the tool.

Each body section also contains a semi-circular groove that runs perpendicular to the slitting groove. This groove is positioned to place the corner of the blade in line with the core tube OD and at a depth slightly less than the wall thickness. The tool is rotated around the core tube one turn for the ring cut.

The cutting blades are reversible and replaceable. The blades are located by locking clips and adjustment is not required. The tool is opened and closed by means of a rotating handle.

Unit of Measure


For Use With Cable Types

N/A AccuRibbon® Cables

Cable Outer Diameter

N/A 0.41 in10.41 mm

Fiber Count

N/A Up to 216

How To Order:

Part Number

N/A 107757973

Order From Location

N/A 1 Brightwave Blvd.Carrollton, GA 30117, USA 1-770-798-5555 from outside the USA 1-888-fiberhelp (1-888-342-3743) from inside the USA CARROLLTON LOCATION