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The 1050 Series of Core Tube Entry Tools combine the ring cutting and slitting functions into one tool. Tools 1050A, 1050D and 1050E work on a single core tube size. Tools 1050B and 1050C work on two different core tube sizes, providing the capabilities of four tools in one.

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1050A N/A Mini LXE Dielectric Drop Cables N/A 0.160 in4.06 mm N/A
1050B N/A LightPack® Cables N/A 0.236 in5.99 mm N/A Up to 48
1050C N/A AccuRibbon® Cables N/A 0.41 in10.41 mm N/A Up to 216
1050D N/A AccuRibbon® Cables N/A 0.550 in13.97 mm N/A Up to 576
1050E N/A AccuRibbon® Cables N/A 760 in19.30 mm N/A 744 to 864
Blades for 1050A, B, C and D Tools N/A N/A N/A
Blades for 1050E Tool N/A N/A N/A
Unit of Measure