Features and Benefits

  • Fast and consistent fiber splicing for exceptional performance
  • NEW design features enhanced ease of use, maintenance, speed and shock resistance (see page 2)
  • Large capacity, internal battery charging system allows 200 splicing cycles (splicing/heating) in one charge
  • Wide splicing chamber for easy fiber loading
  • Lower profile, lighter weight design enhances portability
  • Powerful, high-propulsion motor (8N) for stable splicing
  • Compatible with Splice-On- Connectors (SOC)
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Item #

Single or Mass Fusion

Hand Held/Desktop

Carrying case

Fiber Alignment


Shock Resistant

N/A Single N/A Hand held N/A Hard N/A Core N/A Backbone Data Centers Enterprise Fiber Sensors FTTx LAN Long-haul Manufacture of Optical Components N/A Equivalent to IK07 rating Mechanical impact (IK07 rating Mechanical impact means that the machine protects against 2 jour impact, it is equivalent to 500g force from 40cm.)
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