Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) and Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Applications
Indoor Optical Solutions for Home and Business 100X Faster Speeds for the Internet of All Things

As Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) continues to accelerate for ultra-fast broadband, the key success factors for an indoor solution are: quick, simple easy-to-install and discrete fiber installations. The OFS InvisiLight Optical Solution, launched in 2012, is a revolutionary system that addresses these needs with an almost invisible fiber drop connection into the residence. Today, setting the standard based on hundreds of thousands of proven installations globally, the InvisiLight Optical Solution has evolved to a complete plug-and-play portfolio that encompasses:

  • a pre-connectorized single fiber solution for installation in indoor living unit (ILU)
  • a multiple fiber cord optionally pre-connectorized at one end for installation inside multi-dwelling unit (MDU) risers and hallways to pass tenant units
  • a multiple fiber cord for installation on MDU façades (or exterior)

These solutions and customized variants for different regions leverage the same proven technology accelerating the adoption of fiber optic services in residential or business premises for an improved consumer experience while lowering costs and speeding installation. Other benefits include higher subscriber acceptance and take rates, higher profitability, faster time-to-revenue and simplified logistics for service providers.

The InvisiLight Optical Solutions are offered as complete kits consisting of:

  • OFS’ industry leading EZ-Bend (G.657.B3) 900 um fiber with a 2.5 mm bend radius
  • spools with pre-connectorized cordage
  • well designed modules to store slack
  • engineered adhesive for secure installation
  • corner protectors for breakage prevention
  • wide variety of tools and accessories
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Item #




Fiber Capacity



Fiber Count

Splice Type


InvisiLight ILU 80 X 80 Adapter Module
InvisiLight ILU 80x80 Adapter Module - open w spool
N/A ILU N/A .83 in N/A 1 fiber (with dispensible cordage) N/A 3.15 in N/A 3.15 in N/A 1 N/A N/A
InvisiLight ILU Standard Adapter Module
InvisiLight ILU Standard Adapter Module
N/A ILU Single-Fiber Spool/Module N/A N/A 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24 depending upon product type N/A N/A N/A 1 N/A N/A
InvisiLight ILU 2 Fiber Adapter Module
InvisiLight ILU 2 Fiber Adapter Module
N/A ILU N/A 1.41 in N/A 2 Fibers N/A 4.53 in N/A 4.96 in N/A 2 N/A N/A
InvisiLight MDU Compact Point of Entry (POE) Module
InvisiLight MDU Compact Point of Entry (POE) Module
N/A MDU Hallways N/A 0.63 in N/A 1 Adapter 2 Splices N/A 1.6 in N/A 6.0 in N/A 1 N/A N/A
InvisiLight ILU EZ-Connect Module
InvisiLight ILU EZ Connect Module
N/A ILU MDU N/A 35.74 mm1.41 in N/A 1 N/A 87.68 mm3.45 in N/A 79.56 mm3.13 in N/A 1 N/A N/A
SlimBox-H, Indoor, Splice, 01 Fiber Module
N/A N/A 7.0 mm0.28 in N/A 1 N/A 1.27 mm32.3 mm N/A 117.5 mm4.63 in N/A N/A Mechanical or fusion N/A Polypropylene
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